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From Santa Barbara, CA- A shaking in CA, Kingdom quake, A Fresh Move of the Spirit begins October 31...
October 8, 2005 - Santa Barbara, CA

For the Spirit of God says, if you only understood what is going to happen to California. If you only understood and could see a little further you would realize that the shaking of the earth is just the beginning of the greater thing that God is going to do, the greater life that God has for California. Do you hear what I said? God says, there is a greater life. I'm going to shake every industry. I'm going to shake it. I'm not talking about an earthquake. Everybody is prophesying about earthquakes, I'm talking about a God quake. I'm talking about a Heaven quake, I'm talking about a Kingdom quake. That's what we are going to have: we are going to have a God quake, a Heaven quake and a kingdom quake.

I hear the Spirit of God telling me, forget the earthquake, think about the God quake, the Kingdom quake, the heaven quake.

God's going to shake this California and bring a fresh move of His Spirit beyond October. On the 31st of October, they will say it was an unusual Halloween because God said there will be a shift in the atmosphere, a shift in the atmosphere. And God says, California will be the first to experience it. Because I'm going to shake you and cause you to understand that I built all of these industries for my glory. I built these cities for my glory. I built every one of them no matter how evil and how disgusting they are. I built them for my glory and my glory shall cover the earth as the waters cover the sea and I will bring your children and I will raise them up. I will raise them out of drugs, I will raise them out of prison and I will raise them out of all kinds of bondages and bring them to a higher place. Don't look at where they are right now because I'm going to revive the atheist, I'm going to revive the agnostic, I'm going to revive the prisoner. And I'm going to cause them to be princes with God. This is my promise, says the Lord. You want a kingdom quake, get ready, because God's going to shake. Shake!

... If you would allow me to, I can change everything in one day. If you would allow me to I would take unbelief out and I'll show you a better way but do not restrict the Spirit of the Lord for I will shake this city. I will shake the industry and I will shake California and give you what you've been praying for and dreaming for, says the Spirit of the Lord.

There is a better way. There is a better way that's coming and beyond October you will have four years of revival, four years of restoration and the greatest move that you have ever seen in the United States of America is about to come to you, says the Lord.

Rejoice because an enemy has been brought down in this city.

I'm here to make an announcement to this city and to the surrounding towns: that's why we are here. God sent us to Santa Barbara. We are now living in California.

The slumber and the riches were shaken when a strong legal battle took place with a man by the name of Michael Jackson. And God said, I want you to understand that there will be one upon the other and then another and another that dwell in these great mansions of these surrounding areas that shall suddenly taste and see that the Lord is good.

God said, I'm going to take their slumber, I'm going to turn it around, and I'm going to wake them up. I'm going to make their parties become Holy Spirit parties. I'm going to cause their slumber to change and they are going to become alive for God and they are going to oppose the religious system and speak as the oracles of the Lord.