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Transcription of Kim's Interview on TBN

September 28, 2005- TBN Transcription

Paula White Interviews Kim

Come on and worship the Lord right now. All things -- ALL things are
not only possible, but all things are working for good. You know,
whatever that situation is you're facing, I prophesy right now: it is
sent for your good; it is working for your good. God is taking what the
enemy meant for bad, and He's using it for good.

know you don't understand the pit when you're sitting in a position of
it, but it's actually a promotion place to position you to get to the
palace, so that you can see God's hand strategically move in your life.
Because the ultimate purpose was to save much people alive, that God
would position Himself a man -- and sometimes you don't understand why
you're going through what you're going through, but in the midst of it
all, graduate from faith to a place called trust, and say, "I trust
you, God, because You're using all things for my good."

I want you to listen. If you ever had an ear to hear, I want you to
hear the Word of the Lord. I am sitting with a man of God that God has
raised up - he is a true prophet. I personally believe the most
misunderstood office in the Body of Christ is that of a prophet - that
we don't understand it clearly but it is God's perspective, His
exegesis of the situation of the times of the season. And God is
getting ready to declare and to decree some things into your life --
you need the perspective of God right now, because it brings
enlightenment and understanding to make sense of everything. Perhaps it
will be corporately, perhaps it will be individually but God is getting
ready to speak to you.

am honored to sit with my dear friend, with the man of God that I labor
in the Kingdom of God with, Prophet Kim Clement. God bless you,
prophet. . . love you. We go way back. . . and you always stir that
gift up in me. . . always, that anointing, and so often I have, because
it is so misunderstood, sometimes almost wanted to run from it, because
it is very misunderstood.

When we first started in your meetings, you were a little plump
(laughs). . . just joking and um. . . the power kept going out. And the
next time we came around, the power went out again. And the third time
we went around. . . and I started saying, "There's something about
these people," you know? Paula, you and Randy, and because every time I
go there the power goes out for 30 minutes.

P: Crazy things. . . All the time.

And but we had the most unbelievable things happening there. So, I do
connect very much with you, and when a church embraces the prophetic --
even though it's misunderstood -- and they can sift through all the
symbolism and everything that the prophet brings and grab. . . you
know, sort of eat the chicken but spit out the bones. . .

P: Right

And I've seen you guys do that. And I've watched it, you know, in your
personal lives and your ministry, and so if anybody's qualified to
recognize a prophet, you are. So thank you for that, I appreciate that.

. . but I love the message that you bring because you speak about the
potential in somebody, and the fact that there's someone next to you -
you're holding the hand of a miracle. . . and so on.

A Prophet Doesn't Just Come Onto the Scene

know, when I was in South Africa, you know, in the middle of the
apartheid system, I remember singing in the song of the Lord, because
if I prophesied the way I am now or I stood up and started making
declarations, they would've stoned me because I was prophesying the
freedom of Mandela; I was prophesying the freedom of South Africa --
this was in the 70's and '81 -- and the people were sending me letters,
hating me for it. And I. . . I said to them, "I'm going to be going to
a nation one day, and I have to practice here because if I don't. . .
.if I didn't get the Word of the Lord for my own nation, how am I going
to have the Word of the Lord for somebody else?"

so a prophet. . . a prophet doesn't just come on the scene and he's a
prophet. You know, he has to, you know, like Jacob labored for his wife
and Israel had to go through so much -- you have to go through
something. And so God said to me, "I'm going to send you to America,
and you're going to be a blessing to this nation."

I would tell people, I would say to them, "You know what? I have to be
right in my own country and predict and prophesy and see things come."
And when we saw it happening and when it did happen, I was quite
satisfied in 1991 that it was time to actually live here.

though I'd been ministering here since 1981, but I used to tell people
In South Africa, to my own folk there, I used to say, "I'm going to go
to America, I'm gonna prophesy throughout that nation, and I'm going to
go to presidents, and I will prophesy to presidents. And I'm gonna. . .

they used to absolutely laugh at me and say, "You know, you don't even
dress like a preacher? You know, you don't even look like one. . . "
And I said, "Well, I'm not supposed to, but I did and all of this, you
know. I labored to see and. . . and you know, there are great men of

Bill Hamon and Chuck Pierce and great prophets out there that do a
great job. When God spoke to me, He said to me, "You know you're going
to have to pioneer something for a generation that are not going to
listen to certain prophetic voices?" And so -- and I recognize that now
-- I'm seeing that happening.

when I did come to this country, the first thing God said to me was,
"I'm going to raise up a Bush that's going to deal with the Middle
East. They're going to deal with Babylon.." This was in the 80's. And I
said, "There's a president that will come out of Houston, Texas. Not
speaking of George Bush Senior but Junior -- I didn't know that at the
time -- and said, "He would be raised up SPECIFICALLY to bring
purification to this nation and to embrace the prophetic." This was in
the 80's, and I was in little churches in Houston. And Ernie
Fitzpatrick was the pastor in Houston, and I prophesied there --
specific things there.

The Greatest Revival the U.S. Has Ever Seen Will Begin

then, eventually, I had a severe accident, broke -- cause, you know, I
play the piano -- and a lot of people don't know that, but I play the
piano and prophesy on the piano. And sometimes the Lord. . . you know,
the prophecies of David, most of them were done through the Psalms, and
most of the Messianic prophesies were done through the psalms and
music, you know because a lot of people wouldn't listen otherwise.

you know, I'm a pianist ,as well -- a classical pianist. And I broke my
wrists and my arms severely in '94. And I had visions for five hours,
and I saw this nation going through a purging. And beyond that purging
would be THE greatest revival and move of the Spirit that this nation
has EVER seen. Now. . . we are right in the middle of it, right now,
and there are still people that want me to prophesy and say, "This is
judgment" [or] "This is God. [He] is against this nation. [He] is
against the people. . . is against the. . . ."

if you compare Europe and some of the nations that are out there and
what they do. And you look at what America's done for the world -- this
country deserves blessing as well. And so, they have to be purged;
there had to be a cleansing. And so. . . anyway. . . the reason that
I'm excited about it is we're right in the middle of it right now.

the end of October -- and I'll share a little bit of that if you want
me to -- at the end of October (God said this YEARS ago. . . .He said
that at the end of October of 2005), the beginning of a four-year
harvest, like this nation has never seen, is about to take place. EVER.
EVER seen. For 300 years, [we've] never seen anything like it.
Literally, He said to me (and I prophesied this. People laughed and
said, "that's crazy") -- I said literally, a state. . . .a city. . .
.would be taken within just one day.

The Prophesied Flood of New Orleans

you see. . . and you look at New Orleans and in a tragic. . .
tragically. . . what happened, but I predicted and prophesied that. I'm
not patting myself on the back or anything. The Lord said to me clearly
on July 22nd, He said, "Enough of this now. I'm going to. . . you know,
there would be this flood and the hurricane and everything and that
there would even be the stench of death and bodies floating on the
water." And when I prophesied that -- it's unlike me to prophesy
something like that. It's just. . . I don't do that -- and when I did
it, that night, I went home and I was very burdened and wept. And God
said, "Don't weep."

said, "If you think about it, this is a purging and a cleansing because
beyond the water. . . " -- if you think about what happened with Noah,
the dove looked for a place to rest, and it didn't. . . couldn't find a
place. But when it did, it was time for it. And He said -- and I saw
this tonight -- actually, let me read it to you because I hadn't
noticed this. . . and I'm running a bit ahead now. . . but when I
looked at the flood of Noah, I saw that it says in verse 5 of Chapter
8. . . I'll just share this with you quickly. . . . "And the waters
decreased continually until the tenth month. . . " Now I know the
months are a little different in the Old Testament, but let's just
forget that for a minute. I prophesied in October of LAST YEAR to the
President of the United States of America.

I have to tell you, it was the most wonderful thing that could've
happened to me because I know the contradiction around him because he
IS so prophetic, and people don't understand that. But he is. And I
said to him and spoke about a hurricane that was going to come in
August and September of 2005.

said. . . and I spoke about the homes that were going to be ripped up
and the trees that were going to be thrown around and that beyond that
-- in October, and from October onwards, would be THE greatest move of
the Spirit that America has ever seen. And I don't want to say it
lightly. America has never experienced what's going to take place from
the end of October because the cleansing would've taken place.

Why New Orleans?

you may be saying, "Why did He focus on New Orleans?" and "Why didn't
He take New York?" And well, there's a few things to explain that. But
I'd said something about October, and that there would be a Halloween
that. . . like they've never experienced . So, something unusual is
going to happen on the 31st of October. Let's just tell you so there's
great expectation.

it says here (Bible), "The waters decreased continually until the 10th
month. In the 10th month, on the first day of the month, the tops of
the mountains were seen." There's a lot of spiritual stuff in that,
but. . . the tops of the mountains. . . In other words, you are in a
place. . . actually, we are being elevated to a higher place by what's
going on right now. We are being elevated to a greater place than we've
ever been -- in perception, in knowledge, in the miraculous, in
EVERYTHING. It's being raised and elevated.

. . but anyway. . . it says here (Bible), "So it came to pass at the
end of forty days that Noah opened up the window of the ark which he
had made. And he sends out the raven," and you hear about the way he
sends out the dove. . . that the dove found no resting place. And it
came to pass now, here in verse 12, listen to what it says: "He waited
yet another seven days and sent out the dove which did not return again
to him any more." What I sensed was that in October that what the Holy
Spirit's been looking to do is going to actually. . . He's going to
find a place to rest.

other words, find a place where He can bring a habitation that Daniel
saw, and that Isaiah saw, all the great prophets of old saw this day.
And so when we look at New Orleans, when you look at. . . I was
actually in Portland (Texas), at least Port Arthur, August the 14th --
and while I was there on the Sunday morning, a very similar thing
happened that happened on July 22nd -- was I started feeling this. . .
this grief and anger or. . . or something and . . . and people that
know anything about my ministry will know that I don't DO that. I don't
use my personal opinion to vent. . . .like people take pulpits, and
they're angry with somebody and they just vent and they preach to that
one person. I don't do that; I've never done that. I don't believe in
that stuff.

I grabbed. . . I was in Pastor Randy Clark's church which is in
Portland. . . Beaumont, and I spoke about water and water and an
abundance of water, and I even took one of the bottles of water and
threw it out. And God said, "I'm sending water. . . " And said. . . I
said, "Port Arthur, are you ready to pack your bags and get out of
town?" And that. . . we heard on the news just the other day where it
said Port Arthur was totally evacuated.

When God Gives You a Word. . .

this is where I want to. . . you know. . . and I'll hand it back to you
then because I'm just sharing. . . it's just so fantastic because when
I broke my arms in '94, I saw what would happen beyond 2001 because I
said it. . . I said, "that would be the year -- would be the beginning
of this great thing."

everything went WRONG from that point onwards, which is usually a sign
that it's right. . . you know what I'm saying. . . with the prophetic.
I want to warn you of something: when God gives you a Word, first of
all, it's your last comfortable hour on earth -- you're never
comfortable again; secondly, every single thing that He spoke -- the
exact opposite is going to happen because there's a challenge -- you've
got to realize something. . . there's a tremendous weapon that's being
formed against you. And God gives you something to break the power of
that contradiction. And so you have it inside of you.

I remember seeing beyond 2001 and saying, "This is it -- this is it,
and then realizing when I prophesied in October to the President
saying, "August, September, and October -- great agitation against this
nation. Um. . . you know. . . .a great anger, and I'll take politicians
and I'll expose them. And political corruption will come out in these
three months and the powers of darkness will be punished severely by
this," And this is what's happening right now.

I said, "And all of this you'll go through," and He said. . . one of
the things God said was, "I'm going to take the Bible Belt, and I'm
going to unbuckle it and reveal its nakedness," because it's actually
religion controlling the Bible Belt, and that's controlling America.
People don't even realize this: He said it's actually religion; it's
not a Spiritual wave of His Spirit.

A Sign in the Elements Before a Spiritual Breakthrough

so when I said all that. . . but at the end of October, I said, "Then
will be this incredible breakthroughs." So, you know, I remember saying
that about Port Arthur; I remember saying that and thinking to myself,
"Why this contradiction? God's speaking about opening the heavens, and
this is it. There's always a sign in the elements before there's a
spiritual breakthrough. There was a flood, and then God did what He did
through Noah and the whole thing.

we can go through so many things, but, I remember saying this just
before Saddam Hussein was captured. . . because I. . . . you know, when
Larry King did a mock interview with me he said to me, "OK, where is
Saddam Hussein?" And I said, "If I knew, I wouldn't tell you anyway. .
. " because I DIDN'T know, but I didn't want to look too stupid. So I
said, "I wouldn't tell you anyway," but then I felt like, "That's
exactly what the world is saying!" You know? "We want to know relevant
things; we wanna. . . tell us where Saddam Hussein is and where Osama
bin Laden is, and then we'll listen to you."

it pushed me to a place where I said, "You know what? Where are the
days where the prophets would speak plainly and clearly?" You know, I
love symbolism, and the Bible SPEAKS about that. It speaks about the
way the prophets. . . even JESUS said 'I'm speaking to the multitudes
in parables because they can handle that." He said, "But now I'm going
to take YOU, and I'm going to speak to you directly. I'm gonna go to
the cross; they're gonna pluck my beard out. They're gonna kill me;
they're gonna say this. . . .". And immediately Simon Peter said, "No,
no, no, that's not gonna happen." And He said, "Get behind me satan."

Preparation for the Harvest

see what I'm saying? So He said because you're not mindful of the
things of God, when you speak directly people find it very difficult to
handle. But God said the time of using parables in prophesy are coming
to an end. He said to me, "Kim you're going to have to press in; you're
going to be persecuted. You're going to make mistakes, but you're
beating a pathway because I'm raising up prophets that are going to
prepare the people for the things to come, so they will be like Joseph
when he said, 'This is what you need to do' to Pharaoh."

said there's a preparation , and the church should be first. Why should
Joseph be sold to the Ishmaelites to go to Egypt? Why should Daniel
bless a king in Babylon? It's for the church. It's for us today.

God started saying to me, "I want to tell you a few things"; and one of
the things I said in the prophecy, I said, "There would be unusual
weather." And I said, "There will be snow in places that it has never
snowed before." That happened in California. And He said, "This will be
a sign of the capture of Saddam Hussein and other terrorist leaders."

just before his capture, there was this sign: there was hail --
tremendous hail and snow in California -- and then after. . . and then
I said, "And they will pull him out of the ground!" And he was taken,
and he was pulled out of the ground. I said, "O God, give us more of
this." And He said, "I AM." He said that the problem is the church --
if they reject the prophets because they don't understand the prophets,
the prophetic voice will once again go into the hands of the world.

when Larry King got that, you know, it was like a challenge to me. God
saying, "I'm going to show you where kidnapped children are. I'm going
to show you when the next great storm is. I'm going to show you who the
next president is. . . " -- I KNOW who the next one is -- I'll show you
things that are going to happen. He said, "You've got to get to that
place where the Body of Christ says, 'OK, we've got the Word; we're
going to pray over it. We're going to protect you.'" And that's where
we're going right now. So the good news is the greatest harvest,
starting the end of October, and the windows of heaven are open. So
that's the Word of the Lord.

Celebrating Prophecy

Think about that - the greatest harvest. Now Kim, I know we only have a
few minutes and the person sitting out there saying, "Okay, I don't
live near New Orleans; I didn't go through this purging," how does that
person prepare for the Glory of God that is getting ready to visit us
as a people?

You know, one thing that I've spoken about is preparation, is when a
tremendous battle was taking place with the king of Israel, the king of
Judah. . . they got into a valley, they ran out of water, [and] they
went to the prophet, [and] they said, "Ok - we need a Word." The
prophet said to one guy, "because of you I'm NOT going to prophesy" --
it was the king of Israel, because the king of Israel rejected him.

celebration of the prophet, he said, "I'm not prophesying". Then he
turned to the king of Judah, "But because of YOU, I'll prophesy. . . "
which means, "You celebrated me, you honored me, so the word is here --
it's ready to come out." And when I get an audience like your church
and in your meetings where the people literally are shouting and
screaming and celebrating the prophetic gift, the Word of the Lord is
so precise because God said this to me, He said, "Don't go where you're
tolerated, go where you're celebrated."

you know, the Word of the Lord came to the king of Judah and said, "OK,
go back into the valley, dig ditches. Just prepare yourselves; dig big
holes so that when it comes you can contain it. The biggest problem is,
we don't contain it. How many revivals have we had? How many great
moves of the Spirit, and we've not contained it because we were never
prepared? ". . . Oh yeah, that's another old prophecy. . . yeah. . .
won't happen. . . "

me tell you something: I'll put my head on a block -- this is going to
be the greatest thing that America's ever experienced from October
onwards. The way you prepare yourself is the way they did. He said dig
the ditches so that you are prepared; let your hearts be right. Be in
prayer, and please for goodness sake, believe in prophets, and you will
prosper. Believe the Word of the Lord when it comes, and they say,
"This is gonna happen," and just your faith saying, "Listen, I am
anticipating the inevitable, supernatural intervention of God. I don't
care what my circumstances are; they look bad, but I'm ready for this
breakthrough and that's what will happen.

America: Rejoice in Your Pain

Absolutely. . . absolutely. I believe the Word of the Lord has been
spoken right now. . . And I believe you need to begin to prepare
yourself, and how you do that is just as the prophet has spoken:
embrace the Word of the Lord. Say, "God, I have expectation, and I am
preparing myself through a purification and a purging. Do whatever you
need to do in my life; get out whatever needs to be purged and purified
and do away with. . . I crucify this flesh; I lay aside every weight
that would so easily beset me. I'm leaving it be, and now, God, I'm
embracing where You are taking me as a nation. . . .

THE SPIRIT OF THE LORD SAYS, "Even as the people have cried out for the
Spirit of God, and they said, 'We want more - we are not satisfied. Why
is it that in the 30's and the 40's they had so many miracles?'" God
said, "You've waited for this, and many have said 'it's too late,'" but
God said, "It's NOT too late - it's only just begun. I've told you
this: I will multiply -- the miracles that they experienced in the 40's
and the 50's, and the knowledge. . . ".

said, "Do you understand that the resurrection of the dead is for
greater than what man has anticipated. America rejoice. Rejoice in your
hardship. Rejoice in your pain." For the Spirit of God says, "I WILL
bring you the water in the Spirit so that there will be an abundance in
every city in this nation. There will be the same sound as it is in Los
Angeles, in New York, and in the center and in the South." God said,
"There will be an abundance. Watch for the miraculous, for it's
coming," says the Lord, "for those who hear it and those who see it
shall surely taste of it and experience it," says the Spirit of the

(prophesies): Come on. . . .you need to rejoice right now. God says His
glory is getting ready to cover this earth, from the North, the South,
the East, the West; there is a window of opportunity being given, even
now, and the favor of God is visiting for access. The Lord shall give
access to places that have been closed off. God said, "Even now, there
is a window being given to you to have access -- access in the
marketplace, access in the political realm, access in Hollywood. It is
being given for a moment and the access is for the Glory of God to
cover this earth."

God says, "But you have said, 'Who? Me, Lord? But can anything good
come out of here?'" And God said, "I have already spoken to you, and I
have already raised you up. And I have already shown you. Now position
yourself. . . " For the Lord says, ". . . .This is the day of
visitation in the presence of God, visits, and covers, covers, covers,
the earth -- from the North, to the South, to the East, [and] to the
West. Be ready. Get ready. Embrace. Prepare." For the Lord said, "I
have already prepared myself a people who will not be intimidated by
anything the enemy would bring against you. For there MUST be a fight;
there MUST be. And the enemy has already been defeated." And God said,
"The battle you went through was significantly a sign of what you are
being released into -- even now." Hallelujah.

on and worship the Lord right now. Worship the Lord. Visitation.
Visitation. Visitation. God's visiting. . . He's visiting. . . He's
speaking to you right now. The Spirit of God is speaking to you right
now. Visitation in your bedroom. Visitation in your living room.
Visitation. . . there are people falling out on the floor right now --
that God is quickly removing things -- there's a purging, there's a
purifying . The Lord is preparing a vessel- and even now that anointing
is visiting you, that prophetic is being stirred up on the inside of
you - the gift of God is being released in you, and God says, "You have
been positioned. Now begin to walk in it; begin to walk in it. Begin to
walk in it, for IT IS HERE," says the Spirit of Grace. Hallelujah.

Where are the Miracles?

The Spirit of God says, "My presence. . . .My presence shall not be a
small thing. It shall not be a small thing for in days past you
experienced little bits here and little bits there. This shall be a
continual flow," says the Spirit of the Lord, "where people shall say,
'we do not even have to gather to experience the miraculous.' God said,
"I'm a jealous God - I've opened up the marketplace, I've opened up the
media, you watch the networks how they will twist and change."

God said, "They'll be favorable towards the Son of the Most High God.
They'll be favorable towards Him. They will embrace. They will embrace
the new preachers of this day. They will embrace the Fred Hammonds of
this day. They will embrace the Paula Whites. They will embrace those
that say, 'We are dissatisfied. We are dissatisfied -- as Gideon was
dissatisfied. . . ". He said we are the miracles of our forefathers.
And God said, "I've listened to some of you saying the same thing --
'Where are the miracles of our forefathers?'" And God said, "Because
you've said that, just watch Me now and I'll prove to you that hungry
people shall receive an abundance," says the Lord.

want more. So much more, so much more, so much more abundance. . . so
much more, so much more, so much more. . . .sweeping throughout this
place right now, sweeping throughout this place. The prophetic Spirit
is sweeping throughout this place. . . open your eyes and see. . .
perceive what God is showing you now. Thank You, Lord. . . .

You Will Rule and Reign Where Kings Once Stood

The Lord's giving strategies right now -- strategies, plans and
purposes. For the Lord is giving the blueprint even now. And as you
press into the Spirit of God and press into the presence of God, there
is a blueprint being released to you right now. Strategies for the
position that God is placing you in. Just as God gave Joseph a plan,
the plan of God is coming to you even now. And the Lord says, "You know
it is of Me, for I AM visiting you and breathing upon you even now. And
I have reminded you of the Word that I spoke to you long ago - and even
now is the time that it is released in the fullness of understanding,
that it is not sketchy but there is accuracy of a blueprint coming to
you. You have cried out and said, 'How God, how?'" And God says, "This
is how." And God begins to speak and release it to your Spirit even
now. Embrace it. And as you embrace it, it shall be done in the Name of

Can you see the cloud the size of a man's hand? Can somebody see the
cloud the size of a man's hand? Just the size of a man's hand - that's
all it took -- and God said, "This is not going to take years and years
-- do you realize every time you've gone through some act of violence,
and the enemy has risen up against you, you qualify to take by force
the Kingdom." And God said, "THIS is a Kingdom thing - for it shall be
taken by My people," says the Lord. "You will RULE and you will reign,
and where kings once stood," says the Lord, "they shall be paupers; and
where YOU were standing as paupers," God said, "You will rule as Kings.
THIS is the day of ruler-ship," says the Lord. "And I'm granting it to
My people, therefore rejoice now and receive this that is being cast
upon you. For there is a prophetic mantle that is being cast upon you
today so that you may see and that your vision may be doubled," says
the Lord. "That your vision may be doubled," says the Spirit of the
Lord. Yes. . . .vision doubled.

The Spirit of God says this: "For He has heard the sound, the cry. . .
a cry of a people who are hungry, who are not yet a people - they do
not recognize they are called as a people yet, but the hunger in their
heart for what they don't even know they are crying for has touched the
ears of God, and the heart of God, and now. . . ", the Spirit of God
says, ". . . who shall stand for righteousness? And who shall be My
man? And who shall be My woman? And who shall go forth? For I am
sending you even now. And the Spirit of Grace is releasing you - even
now - into very strategic places that God has heard the cry of those
that are not yet a people but have been called as a people." And God
said, "You shall usher in the presence of God in a place that has been
unfamiliar. But they shall embrace the supernatural, quicker than
you've ever seen the supernatural be embraced before. And as they
embrace, the Glory of God shall be released," for the Lord says,
"Pharaoh shall even embrace the supernatural now. And the favor of God
shall open a window for the Lord's plan and purpose . . . .for Joseph
to be positioned in Jesus Name."

on and worship the Lord. I want you to press into God's presence, I
want you to press into the presence of God. God wants to take you into
a deeper place, a deeper level. And the Spirit of God is calling you in
- lay down your logic, lay down the place of familiarity, get out of
the pathway that is holding you out of God's presence and move into the
presence of God for God is calling you by His Spirit now. And even as
you yield yourself, you shall have an experience and see a new
dimension of God's grace and revelation and understanding - you shall
see through the eyes of the Spirit. . . even now. . . as God opens your
eyes of understanding, to see the mysteries and the secret things of
God. Press into His presence, "For I AM here for you," says the Spirit
of God. "And I AM here to show you Myself, and to reveal Myself to
you." And even now the Spirit of God causes His goodness to pass by
you. For you said, 'God, show me Your glory, show me Your glory'. . .
and even not knowing what you were asking, the Spirit of God causes His
goodness to pass by you right now, as the presence of God consumes you.
. . .

Come on and worship. . . come on. . . press in. . . press in. . . come on and press in. . . press in. . . .
Things are Going to Change

The Spirit of God says, "Do you remember, do you recall, when Elisha
went to a place and was captivated and said, 'Tomorrow about this time
things are gonna change'. Tomorrow about this time the economy shall
change. These were people that would be eating a donkey's head as a
meal. " And God said, "This is what I said to My prophet -- in one day
I can change everything. And there was a king that said ' YES this
could be. . . .', but the man that stood next to the king said, 'Even
if the heavens were open, God could not do this.' And Elisha looked at
him and said, 'You shall see it but you shall not touch it.' And then
four lepers went down towards the enemy's camp and God said, 'I GAVE
them the abundance."

the Spirit of God said, "It shall be some of those that are outside of
the camp that shall see and perceive and say, 'The prophet has said
those words, we are dying anyway.'" But God said, "You have died unto
yourself that now that you have died let Me say this to you -- this
nation shall not rely upon the oil of the Middle East -- this nation
shall not rely upon the. . . ." for God says. . . listen to me. . .
"I'm pushing this nation -- there shall be new energy -- there shall be
a new source and (unintelligible). . you shall be pushed to do it and I
shall say to you this day. . . .the economy of this nation shall change

God said, "And I'll tell you why. . . .it's because My people embraced
the Word of the Lord and they embraced the prophetic and they said,
'Yes, God, we believe that You are a God of the miraculous, You are the
God of the impossible." Now God says, "YOU shall experience it in your
house FIRST -- before the nations -- shall experience it -- it shall
come to your house first," says the Lord. IN YOUR HOUSE FIRST. Receive
it in your house . . . IN MY HOUSE. . . THIS THAT YOU HAVE PROMISED

P: And THUS. . . ..SAITH. . . ..THE LORD.

begin to prepare yourself -- begin to embrace what God has released.
Prepare your house. You're going to have to change your mentality for
you have been so used to the fight, and a new season has been ushered
in. And you have been postured in one position, that the Lord says,
"You will have to, just like Joshua. . . ", God said, ". . . BE VERY
COURAGEOUS." And what He was saying was MENTALLY prepare yourself.
Because you have been used to one posture but now it's going to be a
different release -- you're going to have to re-position, re-posture

been in a pit prior, but God said there was a transition, there's a new
season being ushered in. And as that new season is ushered in, its
gonna change your posture -- no longer are you going to be in a place
of pushing, of fighting, but you will be in a place of receiving and
releasing. And the Lord says, "Prepare yourself. . . .prepare yourself.
. . .is your mind, is your household prepared. Prepare yourself. For
the Word of the Lord has been spoken through the prophet of God.
Embrace it -- receive it -- and be released in it in Jesus name".