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Tribute to President George W. Bush
Nov 2, 2004

In honor of President George W. Bush, posted below are a few words of prophetic significance given by Kim, regarding his destiny to lead our Nation. On October 12, 2004 Kim was privileged to personally minister a word to President George W. Bush in Paradise Valley, AZ.

October 24, 2004- Humble, TX
"The Spirit of God has announced that, you have looked at candidates for the next four years. I have looked at a man after my own that will pray. I am looking and have searched for a man who would pray in the house called White, and I have found that man. He shall pray. He shall pray sturdily, powerfully, until the year 2006…and a great storm shall rise upon America. But because of the prayers of George W. Bush, I will save this country from a damage and a destruction upon your economy and upon your children.

Yes, you may look at this prophet and say, what would he know about American politics? But I have taken the mantle that rested upon Ronald Reagan in the heart and have placed it upon this man—President Bush. For what purpose? To bring again honor and dignity to the office of the President of the United States of America.

Nations shall come one by one and they will say, we were mistaken. France! France…who once buried the dead of American soldiers because they fought for you. You will repent for what you have done secretly. Three things shall be exposed because of transactions that took place in France and two other nations. And they shall be repentant. And your allies will increase. Four of your enemies shall become allies, and in the Middle East I will raise up honor because of what this Nation has done. Rejoice, for I am raising up laughter and joy upon your Nation.

A record has been broken. A President has broken a record. I see headlines. Impossible! Nothing, nothing, nothing is impossible.

And they are going to say it’s impossible because of what happened in this election and what happened with the President that broke a record. Listen to me. Nothing is impossible to those that believe.”

October 15, 2004- Dallas, TX
"...There is a fight going on in the heavenlies at this very hour. There is a fight going on in the heavenlies at this very moment and will continue for the next few weeks. There is a fight for power in this Nation. There are angels and there are demonic powers, not representing the parties, but representing what is taking place in the heavens. There is a fight that is antagonizing people, wanting them to murder, wanting them to pull down and kill those who are righteous. But the Spirit of the Lord says, Even as Daniel prayed (and Daniel prayed and fasted for 21 days) so I call upon you to fast and to pray. These next few days before the election I call upon my people to fast. I call upon my people to pray. The angel shall overcome the prince of Babylon that is endeavoring to dictate to this Nation! The prince of Persia that fought many times before is now fighting against this Nation. The prince of Persia, the principality over Persia, the principality of Babylonia is fighting to dictate to this Nation,says the Lord.

A burning Bush shall burn brightly again and shall raise up the anthem of righteousness and shall declare My Word to this Nation, says the Spirit of the Lord..."

September 9, 2004- Albany, OR
“And you ask me, What does that have to do with America? You don’t realize the enemy has risen up against this family (Bush family). The Bush family is a praying family and God wants those people to be praying because there is turbulence that is coming to this Nation, but they are going to be able to handle it and there will be a sign that will come to the States that they were born in and that they reign in. God said that there will be peace in the midst of the storm as I give My Spirit to these men. The Bush brothers will have the power of My Spirit to be able to speak against the storm the way Jesus spoke against the storm and it will come to an end!.."

August 16, 2004- Loveland, CO
"...The Spirit of the Lord says since you have not tolerated terrorism, and your President has been mocked for the war that he has done. But the mind of the one that has carried the weapons of mass destruction, that one who has been captured says the Lord, shall lose his head. And the mind that had planned to bring mass destruction against this nation shall be brought to nothing. And soon, and soon after that the other one shall lose his brain as well. For it shall come to pass that because the church has risen up, and said we will not allow terrorism within the spiritual kingdom of Almighty God, I will cause this year to be the great year of victory. I promise it to you. It shall happen. REJOICE! Its yours..."

August 9, 2004- Detroit, MI
"...This Nation has been at war and some have said, there is no reason for it. But God says, know this, your soil shall have peace for I will uncover rapidly, the enemies, bring them out again and raise up your President to be a man honored, for the mantle of Ronald Reagan has been set upon him. Things shall change, says the Lord..."

June 28, 2004- Hollywood, CA
"...And I told you there was vindication before and there shall be vindication again. I shall raise up those that will counter Fahrenheit 911. I shall reveal the truth upon the same screen that the enemy has endeavored to use to bring shame to the President of the USA. He’s a man who prays, I have set him aside, and even today, says the Spirit of the Lord, he prayed again. Not that he would be re-elected, (here is a secret) he does not want to be re-elected,” says the Lord. It’s going to take My convincing power for this to happen, not for the sake of war, but for the sake of righteousness in this Nation. I shall completely confound a plan that has been brought about in the summer to minimize this man to nothing but a mere creature of habit. Once again I will use my righteousness. They say they want a victory regarding the presidential decision, but this is no big thing, says the Lord. For your enemies have sat in their places, waiting for another man to go to your House called White,” but the Spirit of God says, “they will not have that satisfaction..."

May 24, 2004 - Hollywood, CA
“Michael Moore has won an award for that which has brought a stench to my nostrils, says the Lord. For this man that I have placed as the head of this Country, shall arise out of the ashes of humiliation, says the Lord. And I will take the pride and the stench that has come from Hollywood, and turn it around.”

February 15th, 2004 - New Orleans
"... In 2005, in the months of August, September and October, those three months, I will bring about such great festivities, because of the breakthrough that shall come and governing powers will be on your side, says the Lord.

Governing powers shall be on your side because of the new elections. The Spirit of God says, they will try again to do what they did to Bush. They will try again to do the same thing, and they will accuse of corruption, and they will accuse of mishandling. But God says, Oh no you don’t! You leave it! For that shall not resurrect again. I will stop it in an instant. And God says, there will be those that will cry out in agony. But God says, the government will be on your side because this shall be a thing that I will grant unto you because I love you and because your heart is pure, says the Lord of Hosts."

Nov 23, 2003 - Portland, OR
”There is a terrible thing that has been planned that will be stopped,” says the Lord... Planned assassins have been stopped because of you... I am revealing once again, that there is a terrible thing that the enemy has planned, with regard to woman,” but God says, “was it not through the ancient times that I’ve raised up woman, to persuade Kings? Woman to cause treacherous men’s skulls to be broken. I chose woman to bring to life and bring forth prophets, and Messiahs and deliverers. Moses and others,” says the LORD. “Tonight I declare to you, they shall not take the woman and use them as a form of terror. This attack shall be broken, says the Spirit of the LORD. Pray with your prophet, says the LORD, tonight and I shall break it.”

“For there has been a cruel attempt that has been planned to take a leader down, who has leaned towards the President of the United States... Let it be known that it shall almost come to pass. But I shall stop it,” says the LORD.”

"...There’s an invasion into the kingdoms of darkness. God is giving us access into the political powers. Look at President Bush, he prays. We needed a praying president, and we need a praying president for another term. There will be another praying president for another term..."

October 3 , 2003- Hendersonville, TN (Saddam In Prophecy)
"America you have watched and you have wondered what would happen, but My President, the one that I raised up and placed in the White House and placed him in that position, he has prayed. He has prayed fervently and his prayers have come before Me once again. As Cornelius’ that was brought before me as a memorial. God says, I have once again heard his prayers, and because of that great changes shall begin to take place.

There will be a swift ending to this so that your Christmas may be the delight of America. That your Christmas may be the greatest that you’ve ever had. You have waited for it, says the Lord. (Saddam Hussein was found on December 13, with some news sources calling it a "Christmas gift for President George Bush and the American people.")

Even as there shall be record breaking degrees once again and there shall be record breakings in winter. There shall be a breaking of a record in a very unusual place in the United States of America. They shall say this has never happened. It’s as if snow has fallen to the ground in a place that it has never fallen.” And God said, “Let this be a sign unto you, that this which I have prophesied and that which I have spoken shall come to pass,” says the Lord! Click Here to read about the Unusual Weather that was prophesied

The enemy is confounded tonight. He is confused because the sounds that are coming from these people have utterly confounded him. Why? Because your President has once again prayed.

And because he has prayed I will strike, strike; strike again three times. And the Lord says, “three shall be brought to nothing in this month," because I have heard the prayers of your president. Rejoice tonight because it is done,” says the Lord." For more click here

September 2 , 2003- Dallas, TX
"I am exposing once –then twice – then three times – in this next month... I will expose those that are hidden and I will bring them to the forefront says the Lord. I demand that there be peace in the month of October – in the month of October I will bring your president to a place of vindication because of what I’m going to do and how I’m going to reveal it says the Lord." (Fox News reports Oct 31, 2004 "Bush Vindicated By Economic Recovery") click here for more

February 26, 2003- Irving TX (before the war)
"There will be a sacrifice….for sacrifice is necessary. Even though some will sacrifice themselves and their lives, I have already determined that this Nation will rise above the storms, that this Nation shall be lead into righteousness. Your enemies are about to become your footstool. I said your enemies will become your footstool. The first week of March you will watch my hand. It shall not twist the arms of those that have not recognized the need to slay the giants of Babylon. But the Spirit of the Lord says watch how I do it. For I have only recognized those who have honored me...

... Would he debate (Saddam)? What will he debate about? What is there to say? Tonight I call to you for your President that I raised up, who will yet end up in a place of great victory. People will say “We will not honor him” but I will I will honor this man. For in the next seven months many would say where can we go and where can we hide. You cannot hide because I am the one that has raised you up to be a light in a dark place says the lord. What did the great psalmist tell them? That God shall serve a feast in the presence of my enemies. I am setting a table, a feast in the presence of your enemies. I am giving you oil in the presence of your enemies. I will give you riches in the presence of your enemies. But most of all I will snuff out the ones that would try to bring against you dishonor and shame. Your children will be the mouthpiece of tomorrow.

...The spirit of the Lord says…Who is this beast? Who is this beast that would declare unto the Lord “Be silent”. I will not be silent…for injustice has gone on for too long. Now I declare to you... watch my hand and how I change everything… for it shall not come by the means that we thought it would. I Myself will arise above the ideas and even the strategies. I will wipe them out even though they hide in their cave. One is hiding in a palace which shall be removed and I will bring him to justice because of my righteousness.

...God said America you are mine. Though the battle field waits hungry for blood, it shall not be satisfied. Though demonic powers cry out once again give us more blood… the only blood that they have received is the blood of the unborn within this Nation. They cry out for more… give us more blood…give us more blood. It shall not come form the battlefield of war but from the battlefield of abortion, but this shall come to and end rapidly. For I have taken that blood and I have multiplied it. There is a DNA that is connected to God that shall cry out for justice and vengeance. God says things shall change, after 7 months laws will change in this Nation... after seven months righteousness shall come. There shall be the gospel of the Kingdom that shall be preached in every highway, in every street corner, every schoo,l and every university...and they shall know that the Lord God is alive."

May it be recorded tonight that one prophet in America prophesied God and His Son and His Victory into this battlefield. America, be strong, but also be free."

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