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Prophetic Alert

January 24, 2012 - Prophetic Alert


The thing that I'm feeling is the timing.  I think we're right on it now; even just that little thing about the car.  There's something about that because to deal with Firepointe today and to find that out and to buy the car – I just feel like God's trying to say something.  I felt it would be good to share that with you because it's going to happen speedily.

Well now, look at what you just saw.  Connect this to Firepointe, connect this to light – he's going to share something about this – and take note of one word.  I'm going to give you a little test here to see if any of you can pick up the word that is going to be a company that you're going to be able to invest in.  Listen to him now, already God's giving us something.  It's a company you're going to be able to invest in – it's going to be connected to the Firepointe discovery.  There's one word you're going to find there that's actually going to lead you to Firepointe.

The word is ludicrous first of all.  Keep your eye on that; write it down.  These are very serious things.  The thing is, people may say, “Well, we have computers today; we have the Internet.  What I caught a glimpse of was something completely different, where there wouldn’t even be a tangible screen, glass and whatever they use today.  It’s something completely different.  I cannot tell you in words what it is, but it’s something that – it’s far greater than that.  I honestly believe that Firepointe and this speed of light, this whole brand new technology that is about to emerge, connected to the word ludicrous, is what you must get ready to invest in.  That’s all I can tell you.  If you’re frustrated and saying, “Give us more,” it’ll come, but now’s the time to really use your eyes, your spiritual eyes, your spiritual senses to pray . . .