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From The Den

June 30, 2012 - From The Den


I think that’s what’s brought you, God’s brought you to this place today, because you sensed, and all the things you have done, you came here first, you and Jane  - maybe 35 years ago?  (Kim says they came in 1981)  When you first came here it was like the moonscape – it was so barren, it was so dry; it was very religious and you were shocked.  But you started to break up the fallow ground and it was hard and it was difficult and it was controversial and people didn’t believe, but I believe God’s got a scripture for you in Amos 3:8 where it says, “The Lion has roared, God has spoken and who can but prophesy?”  So you have to let it go; you have to breathe like that.  Your breath has to go in because it’s “breathful” but it’s also a “tornadic” force – it breaks up hard, religious ground.  People don’t like it, they’re jealous of it, they’re cranky about it, but it has to be done if this nation is going to be broken up.  So you broke it up a little bit and then they got even madder and so you realized that you had to go on and you had to do what you’re doing on television today.  It will be an $8M center but it will go even larger than that because He’s taken you from national, now, to international prophet.  I was saying that at Pastor Dick Brunelle’s last Friday when we were ministering, that you were a national prophet, but actually He wants you to be – not wants you to be, you are – international, with what you’re doing in a worldwide realm, and money is going to come to you from the Middle East, from unusual places, and you’re going to dip your foot in the oil of Asher.


You know, I felt that Katy is also going to get involved with movies as well.