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From Los Angeles, CA

September 28, 2013 - Los Angeles, CA

While I’m in the hospital, I’m picking up so many things in the Spirit about medical care in the future and how everybody’s going on about Obamacare and screaming about it – and I was sitting here, watching you, and I caught a glimpse of the future and even with healthcare and how this is just a very short term thing.  People are so concerned about Obamacare and how things are going to go with medical care, but the way the future’s unveiling right now, I started getting a glimpse of another completely different system that was going to emerge as a result of the technology going forth so rapidly.

I want everybody that is watching to listen carefully to what I’m sharing right now because I was sitting here watching and praying and I suddenly got this thought about Firepointe again and the Spirit said to me, there’s something in your prophetic gathering in Israel that is a hidden secret.  There’s a hidden secret with Firepointe and one of the words that we used in the concert was not just about Israel is Forever With An Attitude, but He said that word “attitude” and the red writing is a key and a secret regarding Firepointe, so I want you to research that.  I got it while I was in the hospital here, and God said to me, what you put on those mantles was more than just a message of having an attitude, but there would be something emerging with Firepointe that would also be attached to the word “attitude.”

If you look at “attitude,” it’s a-t-t-i-t-u-d-e.  It’s a key and I just got very excited here because I started getting revelation from the Spirit about how Firepointe is going to emerge so quickly and that’s why people must keep their eyes open.  So that’s just a little piece of the puzzle, which was “attitude,” the writing, and the red.  We must look into that because this is just the beginning; it’s like a domino effect with medical care and so on.