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Prophetic Alert

March 20, 2014 - Prophetic Alert


Long before time began, long before time began, this day was spoken of.  Powers and principalities spoke of this day, where he would take the nations of the earth and shake them.  Where he had planned that His people, God’s people, would shake from fear – and even now, you watch in fear – why are My people afraid? Why are My people fearful?

“For we have no understanding of what the enemy is doing.”  Snowden, you were a puppet in the hands of God, for America suddenly lost its security.  Suddenly you weren’t as strong, as insightful as what you thought. This incident, this tragedy with Malaysian Airlines, has brought this nation to a place of fear.  “We don’t know!”  You’re not supposed to know!  Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Germany, Estonia, you shall be the troublemaker.  You shall rattle Putin, who claims himself as a czar to bring back a system of control and pain and suppression.  Ha ha, I laugh at you!  For all the nations stand before Me now without intelligence, without understanding.  They know nothing.  Where is your radar?  Where is your intelligence?  Why can you not find the coffin on wheels?  Why can you not do it?  For I have shown the entire earth, you know nothing.  Therefore, a new group of terrorists are emerging.  They are not related to the Taliban; they have one focus in mind – to take the youth and cause them to do what you assume has been done with this jet.  This is just the beginning, says the Lord.  They will train pilots and have trained pilots to plunge, to attack, to steal, and then to crawl into Israel and destroy My people.  This shall not happen, says the Lord, for once again I will show you I AM the God of the earth, I AM the Lord of the Universe.

Here Me now, you have gathered together.  So, what happened to the jet? Is that what really matters?  For the Spirit of God says, I will surprise you and show you, for as I raised My prophetic voice above the northwest of India, it was because of mischievousness, anger and grief.  A new territorial spirit has arisen and has fouled the nations of the earth, has fooled the nations of the earth.  And God said, it will continue and they shall say this has given us an idea – steal jets.  And your intelligence says “it shall never happen since we have implemented the security since 2011.”  Ha!  And what you have done, says the Lord, is you have ignored your reliance upon the King of life itself, the Lord Your God.  Now you’re at My mercy, says the Lord.  Search as much as you wish, for it shall come to pass that I will expose, for Russia has joined its hands to Iran, Syria, and is gathering as many nations as possible to come and strike the Jews and to strike at this Christian nation and cause you to be crippled, says the Lord.  Therefore, would you like an answer?  I’ll show you, I told you, within 48 hours.  Now it is emerging; now I will show you.  And then, God says, as they creep nearer, I will expose them and destroy them beneath the sea, on top of the sea, on the land and in the air, says the Lord.

There are colors that I see – there are colors that I see – a maroon color with a diamond, a triangle.  This group has already clothed themselves and there is a man that has stood within them who said, “We will cripple the nations.”  Did he not say it before?  Did he not say it before the creation of man?  “I will exalt myself above the stars of God.  I will exalt myself upon the mount of the congregation of the north.  I will be as the Most High God, El-Elyon, the possessor of heaven and earth.” He said it before – he’s saying it now again, says the Lord.  But once again, within a few months, you will look and say, “Is this the one that fooled the nations?  Is this the one that had the nations petrified?”  For God said, light shall shine from nations that are in obscurity now.  From Ukraine, light shall shine and I will defend that nation and light shall shine, says the Lord, from Estonia.  And they shall say, “But they’re the troublemakers.” And I will take a little, little child-like nation to bring to its knees, Russia.  This man who has stood and said, “I will create the most formidable, exquisite terrorist group on earth” shall be exposed for I will pull his pants down and show you what he really has.  Nothing! He is impotent, says the Lord.  Therefore, as you pray this week, I will show you, and God said, I will be glorified and I will bring down the enemy before your very eyes, says the Lord!

Everywhere you put your feet, I have given to you, says the Lord.  All of you that claim to have My Spirit and the Rock of Salvation, your prayers this week shall bring righteousness onto the scene and bring down the plans of your enemy, says the Lord.


Now listen to me.  As you hear these strings; it is clear to me while under a violent emotion and passion, the Spirit spoke and almost mocked the entire earth, to say that He caught the attention of every nation.  No, God didn’t do this; this was an act of greed – but yet, it planted a seed into a group that has not yet risen; hence the silence.  Oh Jerusalem, Jerusalem, I would gather you under My wings.  I have not forgotten you, for they focus on you now.  It is their fault.  It is clear to me that the Spirit of God today said the ruler of darkness initiated all of this. But God looked at the nations and said, where are your prayers?  Where is your insight?  I am not impressed with the strength of men’s legs, nor the sword that they carry, nor the strength of their armies.  It would take Me just one moment to catch the attention of the entire earth to let you know that only I can reveal, that which has disappeared.  Now I am released to do it, says the Lord.